1) Definition of a Contest ? What is the purpose of our Website ?

A contest is most of the time an advertising campaign organized to promote a new product. Internet users are invited to enter contests and will be eligible to win gifts.

Contestluck.ca brings together all the top Canadian Contests. The Website will also provide you with key information in order to enter easily the contests. Keep in mind that our Website offers updated daily contests for free online entry.

2) What email address do I need to use to enter the contests ?

By entering the contests, you will receive emails to confirm your participation. Do not hesitate to create a dedicated email address.

3) Tips to enter quickly the contests.

Here is a suggestion of different tools to save time :

4) Do I need to tick the box «I would like to receive...» ?

By ticking or not the box, there will be no consequence on the draw result.

If you tick the box, you will consent to receive commercial offers and good tips from the contest organizer.

You may withdraw your consent at any time.

5) I never win...

We advise you to enter Canadian contests on a regular basis to get more chance to win ! Do not lose hope however.

6) I found a new Canadian contest, may I suggest it to you ?

Do not hesitate to send us all the latest Canadian contests you may find.