Privacy Policy

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Personal informations

ConcoursMania Canada Inc. engages itself to respect the privacy of any information following Quebec's law, especially in the way of collecting, using and giving those personal information for a promotional activity.

Nondisclosure of personal information to partners

ConcoursMania Canada Inc. does not sell any information of its members to any partners. Employees, exponents or agents are the only ones to have access to personal information given by the members. They are compelled to follow the rules of the confidentiality policy.

ConcoursMania Canada Inc. has the right, when necessary, to share the members information: (1) for court proceedings or legal process; (2) if necessary to prevent abusive gestures against the site and to protect its interests; (3) to joint ventures, partners or a company under ConcoursMania Canada Inc. control; (4) If ConcoursMania Canada Inc. is bought or if buys another company.

Cookies use

Contestluck's website is using cookies to memorize parameters such as the recognition of the accounts and users. Cookies are mainly used to obtain information about viewed pages, dates and hours of traffic. If the users forbid the use of cookies, some information won't be saved and the site access might become difficult. Therefore, we recommend the use of the cookies. The users can easily block the cookies by changing the preferences in their Internet browser.

Other websites or ads consulted by the user can have cookies. Those are managed by independent websites under the responsibilities of an editor.

Rights informations

You can have access, modify or delete your information by sending a request at the following address:

ConcoursMania Canada Inc.
4529 rue Clark, Suite 300
Montréal, QC, H2T 2T3,

Or by email at

If you don't want your personal information to be used for promotions and contests, you can send a mail or an email to the previous address.

The opposition referred by the previous paragraph shall be without prejudice to your rights to revoke your consent through an unsubscribe link in the emails. The unsubscribing will be automatically done with no time after technical delays.